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Need Help With AT&T Troubleshooting?

We at Error Code Assistant can help you out with a simple-to-follow troubleshooting guide. Fix all your AT&T issues seamlessly.

att history

History of AT&T

AT&T is one of the oldest names in communication services in the USA. In 1984, the former AT&T decided to get rid of its local telephone operations and get into the long-distance communications industry. 

Just 12 years later, the Telecommunication Act of 1996 brought major changes to the industry. SBC expanded its range and acquired several companies, one of which was AT&T. This led to the birth of AT&T as you know it today. 

With the acquisition of BellSouth in 2006, AT&T brought forth a revolution with the help of mobile internet service. 

It’s been more than a decade now and AT&T has been offering tremendous services all throughout the USA.

Everything AT&T Has to Offer

AT&T Has a lot to offer, while they’re most famous for their impeccable internet service. Their actual product offering ranges wide. Here’s everything you can get with AT&T:

  • AT&T 5G for Business
  • AT&T Asset Tracking
  • AT&T IOT Transportation
  • AT&T VPN
  • AT&T Dedicated Internet Service
  • AT&T IP Flex Reach
  • AT&T Office@Hand
  • AT&T Webex Calling
  • AT&T Vulnerability Program
  • AT&T Reactive DDOS Defense
  • AT&T Network-Based Firewall
  • AT&T Satellite TV
  • AT&T Streaming Service

Common AT&T Errors

The AT&T product and service list are vast, and so is its list of errors. Here are some common error codes that you should probably know about.

AT&T Email Errors

  • TAE 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 14, 15, 21, or 46
  • Temporary Error 17
  • Error ‘O3Farm’
  • Launch FFC-1
  • LaunchEmptyResponse

AT&T Internet Errors

  • WiFi keeps disconnecting
  • Cannot connect to the internet
  • No internet error
  • Internet service not working
  • Unable to access the internet 

Want Troubleshooting Tips for a Particular AT&T Error?

Just reach out to us for a solution.