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Write for Us – Tech, Windows Error Code 2023

At Error Code Assistant, we like to grow ourselves and others. You can be part of the team by contributing to our blog. We’ve created a platform that can act as a hub for troubleshooting of all kinds. 

You can reach us here:

  1. For Advertisements

Reach out to us at

  1. For Support

Reach out to us at

What it Means to be a Contributor at Error Code Assistant?

By being a contributor at Error Code Assistant, you can share your knowledge, expertise, or personal troubleshooting findings in terms of a blog, article, infographics, etc. 

We accept contributions on regular basis from users, but they should fit nicely with our platform. Any content or contribution that does not fit in well will not be approved on our platform.

What Should be In a Guest Post Submission?

Your contributor content should be rich in information, insights, and expert advice. We want our platform to be full of information that’s valuable to our readers. We welcome all those who want to contribute to our website and share some unique content that we haven’t published yet. 

How Can I Submit a Guest Post at Error Code Assistant?

It’s simple to submit a contributor post on our website, just email us at Here are some content guidelines that you should follow before submitting content:

  • The content should be unique, fresh, and something we haven’t already written on the platform. 
  • Content should be between 500-800 words.
  • Content should not be irrelevant to the title.
  • Content should be properly formatted.
  • Please don’t submit blacklisted topic content.

Do We Have Regular Contributors?

Yes, there are some contributors that participate in submitting on our website every now and then. Our regular contributors keep submitting original content for us, often on highly-demanded topics. 

What We Want from Content Contributors

There are a couple of things that we want from our contributors, we would appreciate it if you follow them:

  1. Unique Analysis, Fresh Content, and Expert Opinion

We want our contributors to cover topics that would be a great fit for our website. You can write about a similar topic that contains an original viewpoint, and fresh insights. 

  1. Find Helpful Content

As we want to help tech lovers with our platform, we want our contributors to submit topics that are relevant and helpful. 

  1. Word Count

Your content has to be at least 800 words. More importantly, it should cover every aspect of the content. Make sure your content reflects what the topic is about and make sure it has enough information. 

Things to Avoid While Submitting Content

There are some contributor’s posts that we would not accept on our platform, including:

  • Blacklisted topics such as Casinos, Adult, Drugs, Weapons, etc. 
  • Articles with basic general information that probably everyone knows about. 
  • Promotional and sponsored posts. Your posts should not feel promotional in nature, or like you’re advocating a product/service. We won’t accept content that makes it feel like you’re trying to sell something.
  • Personal content. Excerpts of your personal life, events that you were a part of or something that covers your personal life. 
  • Posts that are extremely industry-specific. If your content is full of technical jargon that are only understandable by industry experts, then it’s of no use to our audience. 
  • Posts that steal someone else’s personal property. This could include secret practices, trademarks, and copyrights.
  • Keyword stuffed content or paid links. If you’re stuffing keywords instead of adding them generally to your post, then it’s not something we are interested in. 

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NOTE: Respect your time and our time by carefully reading the guidelines before becoming a contributor. We don’t want you to spend a lot of time only to be rejected by our editorial team.