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Can’t Stop Thinking About Xfinity Error Codes?

We at Error Code Assistant make it easy for you to understand, fix, and manage these error codes. With the right troubleshooting tips, you can keep yourself connected smoothly.

History of Comcast Xfinity

In 1963, Comcast was a single cable operator from Tupelo, Ms. Now, Comcast has grown into one of the leaders in global communication, entertainment, and technology. In 1965, American Cable Systems purchased its first franchise of Muzak. In 1969, the company started working officially as Comcast Corporation.

Comcast became a public company in 1972 and began to trade on NASDAQ. In 1977, as chairman of NCTA, Aaron made several changes in the company. 

In 1997, HBO was launched on a Comcast system with 20,000 customers in Western Pennsylvania with a 5-night free review. 

Over the years, Comcast has kept offering some of the best services in the market. It’s natural for these services to run into errors at times, that’s why we’re here.

Services Offered By Xfinity

Xfinity doesn’t have wide of a service offering as other communications providers, but it does offer some great services. 

Here’s everything offered by Comcast Xfinity:

  1. Cable TV
  2. Internet
  3. Phone Services
  4. Xfinity TV
  5. Home Security Service
  6. Xfinity Email Service

Common Xfinity Error Codes

There is a list of Xfinity error codes for x1, internet, TV that can cause trouble for your internet and TV service. Here’s a list of the most common Xfinity error codes:

Xfinity TV

  • Unable to Connect to Xfinity TV (RDK-03003 & RDK-03030)
  • Something is Not Quite Right (XRE-00250 & RDK-10000)
  • Voluntary Disconnect (XRE-02022)
  • Sorry, We’re Having Some Problems (XRE-03041 & XRE-03042)

Xfinity On-Demand

  • CMOD-54001
  • CMOD-54002
  • CMOD-0x0004
  • CMOD-0x0008
  • CMOD-0xD2F1

Xfinity Internet

  • Wifi Keeps Disconnecting
  • Cannot Connect To the Internet
  • No Internet Error
  • Internet Service Not Working

We’ll Help You Find Answers to Xfinity Error Codes

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Xfinity Comcast Error Codes

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