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It’s Not Too Hard to Troubleshoot Your Internet…

If you know what you’re doing, then you can have seamless internet service all the time. If you don’t know what you’re doing, just keep on reading.

Types of Internet Service

Before you go on troubleshooting your internet service, you need to know the type of internet service you have. Here’s a simple breakdown. 


Cable internet comes to our homes in copper wires. The connection is fast, reliable, and less affected by external situations.


Fiber is the fastest internet service. Delivered to our home in a fiber-plastic blend wire. Super reliable but isn’t available much.


Satellite internet service can be accessed by mounting a dish on your roof. It is slow, unreliable, and easily affected by the weather.


DSL is available in limited areas. Offers slow connectivity via telephone cables. But DSL is still faster than satellite service.

Some Common Internet Problems

Your internet service may help you stay connected to the world. What happens if it stops working? Do you know how to fix WiFi? Well, to be able to troubleshoot internet service, you need to know what kind of error you’re facing. 

Most internet services are easily affected by external conditions such as rains, high winds, and other. So, you need to know what ails your internet service. 

Here are some common internet problems you can face:

  • Can’t connect to the internet
  • Can connect to the internet but can’t go online
  • Can’t connect on just one device
  • WiFi isn’t working on the PC
  • Getting slow speeds

Top-Rated Internet Service Providers

VPN Connectivity Errors

Your internet experience isn’t limited to your internet service provider. If you’ve been trying to connect to a VPN Service and failing, then we’ve got some troubleshooting guides to help you out.

Common VPN Issues:

  • VPN server not responding
  • VPN is blocked
  • VPN Packages interfering with each other
  • Speed drops after connecting to VPN

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