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Spectrum Error Codes Got You Flustered?

We provide you with the best possible troubleshooting tips when it comes to Spectrum internet and email error codes.

History of Spectrum

Charter communications is a communications solution for residential and commercial customers. Charter Spectrum offers cable video service, OnDemand, Pay-Per-View, HD TV, internet services, email client, and more. The history of Charter Spectrum goes back all the way to July 1993 in Stamford CT.

In 1995, Charter paid about $300 million for a controlling interest in Crown Media and also acquired Cable South. In 1997, Charter and EarthLink merged to provide high-speed cable internet in the USA.

In 1998, Charter Communications had 1 million customers. In 2008, the company expanded by acquiring Cerritos and Ventura, California area from Wave Broadband.

The history of Spectrum is rich and full of interesting facts. Ever since its inception, Spectrum has been offering great service to customers.

Spectrum’s Service Offering

Charter Communications is one of the leading broadband connectivity companies and cable operators. Over the decades, they’ve offered services that are a step beyond the best. Here’s everything Spectrum has to offer:

1. Spectrum Residential

Spectrum is a high-quality broadband service offered by Charter Communications. It includes Spectrum TV, Spectrum Internet, Voice, and Spectrum Mobile.

2. Spectrum Business

Spectrum Business offers competitively priced bundles based on fiber networks for businesses that put growth over anything else. 

3. Spectrum Enterprise

Spectrum Enterprise offers reliable and advanced fiber tech solutions to businesses and communications providers all over America.

4. Spectrum Reach

Spectrum Reach is an advertising sales and production service offered by Charter communications. Helping businesses make smarter marketing decisions. 

5. Spectrum Networks

Spectrum Networks is a series of 24/7 news and sports networks offered by Charter communications. Available across 30 networks and 12 states.

6. Spectrum Originals

Charter communications launched Spectrum Originals in 2019, home to high-quality original content available only on Spectrum TV and on-demand services.

Spectrum Error Codes to Know About

Spectrum TV App Errors

  • Service Temporarily Unavailable – DGE-1001
  • Check Connection – DFE-1004
  • Unable to Complete Request – DLP-999
  • Unable to Sign In – DLI-1010
  • Channel Unavailable – DVS-1001

Spectrum Internet Errors

  • WiFi keeps disconnecting
  • Cannot connect to the internet
  • No internet error
  • Internet service not working
  • Unable to access the internet

Spectrum Email Errors

  • Sending mail to Spectrum from other clients – AUP#1
  • IP Address Blocked – 1000
  • Email Account Blocked – 1010
  • Spectrum Doesn’t Process IPV6 – 1260
  • Limits Number of Emails Sent – 1350-1490

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