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5 Causes For A Red Light On Your Viasat Modem

Viasat Internet is a broadband internet service that caters to areas where traditional internet service providers are unable to reach. The internet service is perfect for rural or underprivileged areas where fiber, cable, or DSL connection can’t reach. 

When you sign up with Viasat, you get an internet modem. The modem is the primary device that helps you establish connections. If there’s an issue with your Viasat modem, there will be issues connecting to the web.

A lot of Viasat users have complained about the red light issue with Viasat Modem. When you get Viasat modem red light, it simply means you can’t connect to the internet. 

So in this guide, we’ll be sharing common causes that are responsible for the red light status on your Viasat Modem. We’ve also covered how to troubleshoot these issues to fix your internet service. 

Possible Causes for Viasat Modem Red Light & Troubleshooting Tips

Here’s a list of all the common reasons that could cause the red light on Viasat Modem. Read the reasons and also use the troubleshooting steps to fix the problem.

1. Internet Plan

The primary reason for a red light on your modem could be that you’re out of data. Make sure that you still have data on your internet plan which you have subscribed to. 

If you’re using a limited internet plan for the entire month so once you consume it then you’ll be unable to access your internet for the month. 

If you want to avoid getting the red light on Viasat modem, then you should switch to a plan that offers more data. To upgrade your internet plan, you can either reach out to Viasat’s official customer support or you can sign in to the ”My Viasat” account. If you want some special deals, then you can check out official Viasat resellers in your area.

2. Weather

Due to the bad weather conditions, your modem can show a red light. As you’re using a satellite to send and receive internet signals, poor weather conditions can cause the red light on Viasat modem. 

Extreme weather conditions like heavy rain or heavy thunder can make your internet slow. So in such situations, you can’t do anything. You’ll have to wait until the weather becomes normal.

3. Reboot The Modem

If everything is good with your internet plan and you have an unlimited data plan but you’re still getting the red light on Viasat modem, you may want to reboot the modem by turning it off. 

To reboot your Viasat Modem, turn it off and on. Wait a couple of minutes till all the lights come on your modem. Once you reboot your modem, it helps refresh the internet signals. 

4. Diagnostic Test

Another way you can fix the Viasat red light modem is to try out the diagnostic test. The best part is that Viasat includes software to diagnose problems in your router. 

To run a diagnostics test, just sign in to your Viasat account on your browser. Go to the menu, find the “Help” tab, and click on it. Select the run diagnostics option. 

Once the process is complete, the diagnostic test will find the mechanical or other errors in the modem that can be the reason for your red light or slow internet connection.

5. Network Outage

If you have tried all of the above-mentioned ways and still get a red light with your modem and the internet is not working. Chances are there’s a network outage in your area. In this situation, your modem shows a red light status as there’s no internet connectivity in your area. 

In case of a network outage, you must wait until or unless the Viasat technicians fix the server. For updates, you can contact Viasat customer support. 


These are all the solutions to fix the red light on your Viasat modem. Hope it will help you. but, if you still are getting a red light on your modem, you can upgrade your internet plan, or you can contact the Viasat customer support.