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Troubleshooting Made Easy With Error Code Assistant

Not too tech-friendly? Don’t worry. With Error Code Assistant you can do troubleshooting with simple and easy steps.

What is Troubleshooting?

Things break, it’s the ultimate truth. Most of the time we have to call in a specialist to fix things up. But, what if you could do the fixing yourself without dealing with the headache of technical jargon? 

We at Error Code Assistant aim to be one of the best knowledge base that helps you fix all kinds of things. 

At its core, troubleshooting is the process you take to fix things, This could be your home computer, some software, your TV service, or something else altogether. Tech has become an undeniable part of our lives, so it makes sense that you should be able to fix the issues. 

Our team at Error Code Assistant loves to help non-tech-friendly people globally find answers to everyday error codes.

We Help You Find Answers to Any Error Codes You Want

If you’re tired of finding answers, then hit the button below and request us to give you troubleshooting tips on a particular error.

Troubleshooting Categories

software troubleshooting


Almost every day we use software of different kinds. Be it entertainment, productivity, or something else. We help you keep going without any hassle.

connectivity troubleshooting


Internet connectivity or device connectivity issues? We help you get back on your feet with some simple connectivity troubleshooting steps.


Don’t let error codes interrupt your precious moments of fun. Come down here and get your error code fixed with simple and easy steps.

save money with free troubleshooting

Save Money With Simple Troubleshooting

We think everyone should get a chance of saving their hard-earned money. We make sure that you don’t have to pay a professional to come and do something you can do yourself. 

Why Pay More for Simple Things?

With Error Code Assistant guides, you can save money by doing the troubleshooting yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading.

Request an Error Code You Want to Be Fixed

Take troubleshooting into your hands and ask us for a solution.

Troubleshoot Error Code

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