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how to fix iphone unavailable

How To Fix iPhone Unavailable Issue?

iPhone Unavailable means that your iPhone is disabled and you can not access it. If you have entered continuously wrong passwords multiple times in a row then you may see iPhone Unavailable issue.

Many iPhone users are facing an “iPhone Unavailable issue” and want to fix this problem, then in this tutorial, I will present all the possible solutions to fix the “iPhone Unavailable” issue.

How Long Does an iPhone Unavailable Message Appear?

The appearance of an iPhone Unavailable message depends upon the number of consecutive incorrect passcode attempts. If you have attempted many attempts then your iPhone will appear with an iPhone Unavailable message for a long time and visa versa. 

The time duration of the appearance of the iPhone Unavailable message according to the number of attempts is given below:

Number of Consecutive Incorrect Passcode AttemptsTry Again After 
5 Attempts1 Minute 
6 Attempts5 Minutes
7 Attempts15 Minutes
8 and 9 Attempts60 Minutes
10 AttemptsAppears without timer( Permanently appears)

How to Fix iPhone Unavailable Screen?

If your iPhone screen shows a timer then you can easily unlock your iPhone after dialing the correct passcode. On the other hand, if you don’t know your passcode and want to fix the iPhone Unavailable issue, then you should erase your iPhone to fix the iPhone Unavailable screen. This is the only way to unlock your iPhone.

Do you know how to erase an iPhone to fix the iPhone Unavailable issue? If not, then you should read all the 3 methods to erase and unlock an iPhone that is depicted below:

Steps to Erase iPhone and Fix iPhone Unavailable Screen

Method 1: Fix iPhone Unavailable Issue through the Erase Option

If your iPhone has an iPhone Unavailable message then you should click on the Erase iPhone option, and then enter the Apple ID password for the iCloud email that you have entered prior.

Then, your iPhone will erase automatically and simply get unlocked. It is an amazing method to fix iPhone Unavailable issues without using a Computer system.

Note: If your iPhone appears in the “try again in 15 minutes” line, then only your iPhone will show the Erase option. If you have attempted more than 7 incorrect passcode attempts then you should use the next method.

Method 2: Fix iPhone Unavailable Issue via iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer

By using iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer, you can easily fix iPhone Unavailable issues, if you have attempted more than 7 incorrect attempts. It is a safe and quick method to unlock your iPhone, thus you just download iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer on your computer and follow the below steps.

  1. First connect your iPhone to your PC via an Apple lightning USB cable and then click on iPhone recovery mode.
  2. Then open iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer on your computer and then click on Unlock Lock Screen.
  3. Now tap on the Start option and this software will automatically detect all the information of your iPhone as well.
  4. Then tap on the Download option to install software that will help to unlock the unavailable iPhone from the Apple server. 
  5. If you have completed the downloading process of firmware, then you will see the Unlock option on your screen. You should click on it and then the software will start the iPhone unlocking process.
  6. Then you should wait for a few minutes and it will fix your iPhone Unavailable issue.

Method 3: Fix iPhone Unavailable Issue via iTunes

You can also use iTunes to fix the iPhone Unavailable message. The associated steps are given below:

  1. First you should install the latest version of iTunes on your Computer system because the older version of iTunes can cause many issues while fixing iPhone Unavailable message.
  2. Then you should connect your iPhone to your computer through an Apple Lightning to USB cable and enable recovery mode on your iPhone.
  3. Then open iTunes and here you will see the Update and Restore options. Then tap on the Restore option and follow all the instructions which are prompted on the screen.
  4. After completing the restoration process, your iPhone will be unlocked.


Many iPhone users are facing an iPhone Unavailable issue, thus in this tutorial, I have presented the top three methods of fixing the iPhone Unavailable message.

If you want to fix an iPhone Unavailable message, then you should know that it will erase the complete user data including passwords, text, messages as well as photos, and videos whether you have used the erasing method or restoration process.