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How To Watch Ad-Free Videos on YouTube in 2023

More than 2 billion people use YouTube every month. It is THE largest video streaming platform globally. Every single day, more than 1 billion hours of content is consumed. With this many users, it makes sense that every brand wants to advertise on YouTube. 

While ads are the primary revenue source for YouTube, the constant bombardment of ads can be annoying for users. To prevent getting annoyed every time you open YouTube, we’ve made a guide outlining tricks to watch Ad-Free Videos on YouTube. 

Most of YouTube’s user base wants to stay with the free version and doesn’t want to pay to remove ads. 

With that said, if you need help with how to watch ad-free YouTube videos and are wondering how to do so, don’t worry! Here are 3 tricks to follow:

Solution 1: Subscribe to YouTube Premium  

We know it’s a bummer to include the paid option on top of our tips. But, apart from removing ads, YouTube Premium has some other features as well. Plus, this is the only legal way of watching YouTube videos without advertisements. 

Standard YouTube Premium subscriptions cost $11.99 per month for a single user, but there are also options for two users, yearly subscriptions, etc. 

The most notable features of YouTube Premium include:

  • Ad-free videos.
  • Download videos in High-Quality (HD) and Full High-Quality (FHD)  to watch offline.
  • Background play.
  • Picture in Picture Mode.
  • Access to YouTube Red content. 
  • Early access to some videos. 

Solution 2: Taking Help Of The Ad-Blocking Software 

Another option to watch ad-free videos on YouTube is to use an ad-blocker. An Ad-blocker blocks or removes ads while watching videos on YouTube. If you’re using YouTube on your browser, you can use uBlock origin. 

If you’re on a smartphone, you can find ad-blocking software from the Play Store.

Some great options for an Android user include Adblock, AdLock, etc. And for iOS, a wide range of software are also available.

YouTube is one of those apps that doesn’t permit third parties to use its secure connections. Therefore, to block ads via third-party applications, you have to download and use the mod application of YouTube. A mod version of YouTube with ad-blocking software helps you watch ad-free videos on YouTube.

Before you go and download the mod version of YouTube, there are some things you need to keep in mind. 

Using an unofficial version of YouTube over third-party applications can get you in trouble. Developers of the app can access your personal information. Installing an app from an unknown developer is risky as there’s no way to know whether the app is safe or not. 

Therefore, please ensure that the apps you download are reliable and have positive reviews before using them.

Solution 3: Watch YouTube Videos On The Browser

Streaming YouTube on a phone’s browser is another way to watch ad-free videos. Yes! But you must use Safari with third-party ad blocker software as all Chrome-based browsers don’t allow ad blockers anymore.

You’ll be able to get ad-free YouTube video streaming when you combine Safari with an Ad-Blocker. If you still see ads despite using ad-blocking software, check the settings of the tool to make sure they are set up properly. Additionally, check to see if the website where the advertisement appears unfiltered in the white list.

Conclusion – Tips to Watch Ad-Free YouTube Video

Subscribing to the premium version of YouTube, using a third-party application, and using the browser version of YouTube are the solutions that help you watch ad-free videos on YouTube.