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joomla tips and tricks

Unlocking 5 Essential Joomla Tips and Tricks You Should Be Aware Of

Joomla is an open-source platform that enables the creation and enhancement of websites and applications. It functions as a content management system (CMS) that connects a site to MySQL, simplifying content management and delivery for managers and visitors.

Joomla experts are professionals who have experience working with the popular content management system (CMS) Joomla. They can assist in creating and managing website content, improving online presence, and enhancing business needs. Joomla experts should have a strong understanding of website design principles, proficiency in HTML, CSS, and PHP, and experience in customizing Joomla templates and extensions. They can troubleshoot technical issues and provide ongoing support and maintenance for your website.

If you need to hire Joomla expert it is important to thoroughly evaluate the qualifications and portfolio of potential candidates before making a hiring decision. For instance, someone with experience in website creation might need to use web development tools like WordPress or Drupal. They might need MailChimp or Constant Contact Marketing software for email marketing campaigns. For social media campaigns, they might need Facebook Advertising or Twitter Ads. This helps ensure the team is well prepared for potential challenges.

Offshore developers provide cost savings, increased project control, and expert support for Joomla projects. They charge less than onshore developers, making them ideal for small businesses or individual projects. Offshore developers also offer training and successful product launches.

Top Joomla experts for hire include a Joomla Expert with experience in both web development and website creation, a Web Developer with knowledge of Joomla, and an SEO Specialist who can help improve your website’s search engine ranking by creating optimized pages for higher search engine rankings.


To effectively use Joomla, it is essential to know five tips and tricks:

1. Joomla can be easily re-installed and system information saved

Joomla installation is simple by removing the “configuration.php” file from the installation folder and saving system information, PHP settings, or information as text, folder permission, or configuration file.

2. Reorganizing admin password

To reset a forgotten password, use the URL “index.php?option=com_users&view=reset” and enter your email address. You will receive a password change link. Alternatively, go to the #_users table and change the user password. Enter the new password, select md5 from the left, and save it.

3. Load the module into the article

When loading a module into another article, it’s often not style-defined by the module suffix. To apply the same suffix, add a prefix before the suffix cause in the article.

4. Smart Search

Smart search is a feature in Joomla that provides keyword suggestions when searching on search engines like Google. It is available as a component, module, and content plugin, accessible from the top menu bar components.

5. Article info

The article info, including username, category, published date, and hit count, can be adjusted to display above or bottom of an article. It can also be split by username, category, and published date. This can be done by selecting options from the menu.


Joomla offers numerous features for advanced users, allowing them to create dynamic websites tailored to their specific needs. By exploring its advanced functionality, users can unlock a vast array of possibilities for their online presence.