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peacock error code pas 41004

How to Resolve Peacock Error Code PAS_41004 – 8 Simple Fixes

There’s nothing worse than signing up for a streaming platform and not being able to create an account. If you’re a Peacock user then you must have faced this particular issue thousands of times.

The error code PAS-41004 Peacock comes up when you’re trying to make the payment for Peacock Premium. The error code means that there’s an issue with your Peacock payment.

When you receive the payment, you’re greeted with an error text, that says “Sorry, there’s been a problem. Please try again.” Sometimes, you may also see the text “We’re unable to complete your transaction right now, please contact your card issuer for resolution.” 

While the error message is vague, it highlights what’s the general problem. If you’ve been trying to activate your Peacock account and getting the PAS_41004 error code, this guide is for you. 

This guide will cover the top 8 ways to fix the error. Let’s get started. 

Common Reasons for Peacock Error Code PAS 41004

The Peacock Error Code PAS_41004 can happen for several reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:

1. Poor Internet Connection

Streaming services like Peacock need a stable and smooth internet connection. Any small interruption can lead to unexpected errors. If you’ve received the error code PAS_41004, chances are you have a poor internet connection. 

Slow internet connections can cause server issues which forces the payments to not go through. If your network is congested, try using a better network or try making payments during non-peak hours. 

2. Issues With Payment Method

You may receive the error code pas_41004 Peacock error code if there’s a problem with your preferred payment method. If the payment information is incorrect, outdated, or invalid, then you may get this error code. 

It can also happen if your bank declines your payment due to any reason. 

3. Server Error

It is also possible that you’re getting the error code pas_41004 Peacock without anything being wrong from your side. 

If Peacock’s servers are temporarily down, you may get the error code. In such cases, you will have to wait till the server starts working again to make the payment. 

Methods to Fix Peacock Error Code PAS_41004?

Here are all the methods you can try to fix the Peacock Error Code PAS 41004:

1. Check and Fix the Internet Connection

If you’re getting the PAS_41004 error code, then the first thing you should do is check and see if your internet connection is working. You can do this by connecting some other device to the internet and see if the internet is working. 

If it is working on another device, then you should disconnect and connect the primary device. 

You can also test your internet speed with a speed test to see if you’re getting enough speed to make a payment.

2. Check Payment Method

Make sure that the payment method you’re using is valid and that the account has enough funds to process the request. Double-check if you’re entering the right credentials. If needed, update your payment information on your Peacock account. 

3. Check the Status of the Server

If the problem is due to Peacock’s server, all you can do is wait till the problem is fixed. Go to Peacock’s official social media channels (preferrable Twitter) to see if there’s any information.

If there’s no information available on social media, go to Downdetector.com. Downdetector usually has real-time updates on all the major websites experiencing downtime at the moment. 

4. Clear App & Browsing Data

If you’re using Peacock on your browser then you should try making the payment after clearing the browser data (cache, cookies, etc.). If you’re getting this issue on the app, then you need to clear the app data on your smartphone. 

Chances are some corrupted data is preventing the service from working properly. 

5. Try Using Different Devices

Another thing you can try to fix the Peacock PAS_41004 error code is to try making payments from a different device. 

If you have the option to try making the payment on another device, then try doing so. You’re likely facing this issue on a single device. 

6. Make Sure App/Browser is Up-To-Date

Whatever device you’re using to make the payment on Peacock, make sure the device is up-to-date. Not just the device, make sure the browser/app you’re using is also up-to-date.

Using a data app/device/browser can also cause this issue. Make sure everything is up to date. Once it’s updated, try making the payment again. 

7. Try Different Payment Methods

The payment method you’re using may be at fault. If you’ve tried all the methods mentioned above and nothing is working, then try using a different payment method.

Try with a different card or use PayPal to make the payment. Once you switch the payment method, you may be able to get rid of the Error Code PAS_41004.

8. Contact Customer Support

This is the last and the most effective thing you can do to get rid of the error code pas_41004 Peacock error code. You should get in touch with the Peacock customer support team.

Summing Up

If you’re facing the Peacock error code PAS_41004, then you should try using all the above-mentioned steps to get rid of the issue. 

Thoroughly check all the things that could make this issue persistent and then focus on fixing it. Hopefully, the troubleshooting tips will be able to fix your problem. If nothing else works, just talk to Peacock’s customer support team and they’ll be able to fix the issue.