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how to change email on xbox account

Solutions to Change the Email on An Xbox Account?

There are many reasons why you can change the email on your Xbox Account. For example – you have to change the email because you’re getting many spams on your Xbox account, you can change it because you don’t want to be with your email anymore, or you can genuinely just want to change the email on your Xbox account, etc. Whatever the reason. The reasons are pointing to one question – how to change the email on your Xbox account? So, let’s discuss it:

Solution 1: Change the Email on Your Xbox Account

To change your email on your Xbox account, visit your Microsoft Account page. In case of forgetting your details such as your email or your password, go to the official website of Microsoft and take help from there. You can easily fix your email or password using the official website. Once you are all good with your details ( email or password), then follow these steps:

Step 1. Log into your “Microsoft Account

Step 2. Select the option titled “Your Info”. You can find it easily at the top of the page

Step 3. Once you are done with steps 1 and 2. Find the link that says “Edit account info” and open it

Step 4. Find the section that says “Manage how you sign in to Microsoft page”. Once you find it, select “add email link in the Account alias section”

Step 5. Type a new email address, then select “Ass alias”

Once you complete all of the above-mentioned steps, you probably have to go with the instructions to verify your new address. Go properly with the instructions and select “Make Primary to make the new email address the primary one for your account.”

By doing all of this, you will have your new email and if you want to delete your old email, you can delete it. But before doing so. Make sure, you have successfully changed your email. Once you are sure, then find “Delete” and to delete your older email, select your older email address with the option which says which alias you want to delete, then click “Remove”.

Now, you can come back and use your new email on your Xbox account.

Solution 2: Replace a Lost Xbox Email Address

In this section, we are going to know about how to replace your lost Xbox email address especially when you forget your email address or password. In either case, you can replace your lost Xbox email address. However, your Xbox Support can not help you to change your address in such case, but still, there are a few methods that are helpful:

  • Take Help from Your Alternate Email Account

If you have an alternate email account, then your alternate email account can help you to replace your lost Xbox email address. All you have to do is – Take help from Microsoft billing Xbox Live information. Check the old messages and emails which belong to Microsoft billing Xbox Live information. Possibly, it can contain your details of the lost email address. 

  • Take Help from Your Family Group 

Another way to get your lost email is to your family group. You can get your email using your family group provided your email is associated with your family group. If your email address is associated with your family group, then take help from over there.

Solution 3: Find or View Xbox Account Email using Xbox 360

If you want to find or view your Xbox account email using Xbox 360, the Xbox console can help you. To find your email address, select your Gamer Tag or Gamer ID. Once you select it, the selected part will be highlighted and your email address will be displayed. If still, you do not get your email address. You probably edited the settings due to which you are not unable to see your email. In such a situation go with the following steps:

Step 1.  Open the Guide by pressing the Xbox button

Step 2.  Choose Profile

Step 3.  Select Settings

Step 4.  Choose Account

Step 5.  Scroll down and go to “Your Information” then “Account Security”

Step 6.  Have a look on the right side, your registered Xbox email will be appearing

Solution 4: Find or View Xbox Account Email using Xbox One

Step 1. Go inside the Guide by selecting the Xbox button

Step 2. Select “Settings”

Step 3. Go to “Account”

Step 4. Choose Sign-in, security, & passkey

Step 5. Now, you have to enter your passkey ( if required)

Step 6. Select “Change my sign-in & security preferences”

Step 7. Look at the middle column on the screen and select the “ Show on Home” option. Now, you can see your email here!

Solution 5: Find or View Xbox Account Email using Xbox Series X/S

Step 1.  Go inside the Guide by selecting the Xbox button

Step 2.  Select “Settings”

Step 3.  Navigate to Account -> Sign-in, security, & passkey

Step 4.  Choose “Show on Home” and your email address appears


Changing the email address linked to your Xbox account is usually a simple process. You can confidently manage your Xbox account and make sure that your email information is up-to-date by following the instructions provided in this guide. To maintain the security of your gaming experience, keep in mind to regularly update and secure your account credentials.

With these guidelines at your disposal, you can now update your email with ease, freeing up your attention so that you can enjoy your favourite games and interact with the vibrant Xbox community.